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LP, 2012​​, Remastered 2023

Concept, music and lyrics

by Francesco Lombardo​

Arrangements by Francesco Lombardo,

Michele Panepinto and Vitriol

Drums recorded at Fear Studio

by Max Canali e Gabriele Ravaglia

assisted by Michele Panepinto and Francesco Lombardo.

All else recorded at Inside Vitriol Studio

by Francesco Lombardo and Michele Panepinto.

Mixed and mastered by Gabriele Ravaglia

assisted by Francesco Lombardo,

Michele Panepinto and Pierangelo Carvello.

Guest musician: Alessia Scaringi in “Despite your cries”

Artwork by Gabriele Adami


Booklet layout by Alessio Dell'Esto​


2023 Remastered by Marco D'Agostino

2023 Artwork by Francesco Lombardo

Thanks to Hilary Profeta for the huge support and help,

Vincenzo di Caro for his patience and willingness,

Gabriele Ravaglia and Max Canali for their professionalism.

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